What we can do for you

We aim to help your business compete with larger organisations – and win. Whatever you do, however unique it is, your business is increasingly facing sceptical customers and procurement departments whose role is to squeeze value out of suppliers.what we can do

We can help at every stage: from introducing new technologies, products and services successfully to making a tactical strategy to drive growth, to training and helping you to implement a simple but effective sales process that will help your people win against the big players – whether they are big customers or big competitors. And win by sharing value, not by cutting price. Have a quick look through the support options and see what would help you. Because in business, there is No 2nd Prize.


Provide a Simple Sales Approach

Most people know in their gut that simply waiting for a tender document to appear and then putting a proposal together in a vacuum is not right. You’ve worked hard to bring your products and services to market and you’re proud of it. Probably, process was important in making it. So use our simple four-step process to ensure you get a fair share of value when you sell it. Whatever you do, B2B (Business to Business) sales is a complex process, and not one that your people can simply pull from thin air. Most “sales” manuals work for businesses to consumer (B2C), but there’s a big gap when it comes to helping sell to other businesses. Not anymore. Take a look and see how we could help you.


B2B Sales

Understanding how Business to Business (B2B) sales works, and approaching it in a Proactive but Effective way is vital. Exploit the full sales cycle so you can use time to your advantage to engage in the “Golden Quadrant”, where value is created. In the end, though, we are all prefer to do business with people who understand us and are aligned with us – people we trust to deliver. The other part is equipping your people with the tools and skillsets so they are confident when they do engage with your current – and future – customers. We can help with all of this in a short, pragmatic sales course that we can tailor to your business.  


Fast Strategy

Making your plans for the future doesn’t need to be a massive project involving teams of consultants for months and tying up your own people when there is business to be done today. In fact, whether you are a recent start-up or an established business looking to re-define your future, a strategic plan, with defined actions, can be done in a week, with the help of a handful of your people, who only need to dedicate two or three days’ time to it. The various processes we offer are fairly similar, and both start with the basics of understanding what value you deliver in an objective way.  Because it is done by your team, they own the outcome and they are therefore motivated to see it succeed. 


Your Next Step

Whatever you are doing, if it is a success, then someone will be snapping at your heels. Making the move to “the next thing” can be a treacherous path – in fact the only higher risk is doing nothing and expecting that what you sell today will keep selling forever. Don’t leave it until you bring something to market to make your plans. Any engineering effort (even process engineering) is a big investment for most companies, so make the most of it and don’t let your investment become one of the 65% of new products and services that fail in the market.

Take a look, and if you’d like a bit more help, drop us a line at enquiries@No2ndPrize.co.uk


Pareto Approach

The famous 80/20 rule applied to business – where 80% of the value is achieved by 20% of the effort – drives everything we do. We know that only the largest companies can afford to experiment to find that elusive vital 20%. So, we’ve taken our experience and done it for you. The concepts here are the bits that make the difference – a career in B2B sales and marketing confirms this. If it still looks a bit too much, then we can help you to take what really matters for your business. 

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