Fast Strategy Introduction

Having a clear strategy in place is core to business growth and success over time. You may have a Strategy – but, does everyone know what it is? Do they feel involved, do they “own it”? The best strategy becomes just a nice document to put in a desk drawer if the ownership isn’t there. Or, it may be a set of great long term goals without clear actions and time lines, or defined business tactics. A strategic plan that doesn’t line up with your strengths and is unachievable is even worse – it distracts from what could be achieved.

fast strategyIf you are a fairly small organization, you may feel big strategic plans are only for “Big companies”; not something you can afford or even really need. For sure, “Big company” strategies can take months to refine and communicate. That’s not what any SME needs. A tactical strategydeveloped in a week, valid for a year or two – provides everything you need to grow.

SMEs in particular don’t have masses of time for great strategic processes taking weeks or months. So we have developed a set of three, depending on where you are in your business right now, each of which takes less than a week from start to finish (and it is only two days of each participant’s time).

You end up with a clear plan. With specific deliverables and actions for specific, named individuals that they have adopted. And a set of simple slides so you can present it to employees, colleagues, shareholders, lenders and investors – and you have actions so you keep checking up to remind yourselves how you are doing.

Of course, you still need to deliver on it, but if an organization of any size is aligned, that is half the battle.

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Pareto Approach

The famous 80/20 rule applied to business – where 80% of the value is achieved by 20% of the effort – drives everything we do. We know that only the largest companies can afford to experiment to find that elusive vital 20%. So, we’ve taken our experience and done it for you. The concepts here are the bits that make the difference – a career in B2B sales and marketing confirms this. If it still looks a bit too much, then we can help you to take what really matters for your business. 

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