Making Selling to Business a Success, regardless of your size

Everyone wants to win. Selling to businesses, though, isn’t like sport, where runners-up get a place on the podium.

Because in business, there is No 2nd Prize.

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why no 2nd prize?

Life is competitive. But unlike sport, in business coming second is pointless. We help you win… More


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Why No2ndPrize?

Life is competitive. But unlike sport, in business coming second is pointless. We help you win…

At No2ndprize we compare business success to sporting success simply because there are so many parallels – and one critical difference; in business, you get nothing for coming second. We don’t suggest taking the parallels too far, but both require dedication and effort; both have an ultimate winner – and success in both depends upon planning and being proactive. Look at any major sporting competition though: there is quite a nice prize still for coming second, or even third. Your place on the rostrum is recorded forever; and if there is prize money going, you get the similarities are some.

In business, you either win a piece of business, or you go home empty handed. There is No 2nd Prize. So, winning means coming first, or not at all. And since it’s even tougher for business people than sportspeople, we want to help you to come first. Drop us a line on and we can arrange to have a chat.

For those who are thinking “it won’t work with my customers”

Every business environment is getting tougher. Large customers have always had sizeable Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) departments whose sole job seems to be to flatten the playing field. Increasingly, smaller organizations are doing the same thing. If you think your customers are in some way unique, or you are suffering unfairly, you are not. But changing is entirely up to you – don’t expect your customers’ PSCM departments to help. At No2ndPrize, we often find that businesses don’t recognize their own ability to differentiate.

If every component of your product or service is genuinely identical to every one of your competitors’, if there is no differentiation whatsoever, your relationships with your customers are just the same as everyone else and if there is nothing you offer that could improve your customer’s overall cost-effectiveness compared with how they operate today, then you are right.

Is this really the case? Most B2B transactions are complex, lengthy and contain several elements. Is there nothing that is different? If this is really true for you, then don’t bother to read anything here. And don’t call No2ndPrize for help. Because if your products or services are me-too from beginning to end, and if you do not invest in better relationships with your customers, and you haven’t got anything that would excite your customers to change their processes to improve their own business, then you have only one option – be the cheapest.

If not – then your business will improve if you become more proactive in sales and develop more trusting relationships with your customers. And then you will win more oftenBecause in business, there is No 2nd Prize. If you aren’t sure how, take a look around the site.